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What would life be without a little bit of play? ARISTON introduces The POINTE to fulfill your dining and shopping pleasures. Whether you plan a gathering or just run into some friends, live entertainment, planned events, top of the line bites and more, put play your way within reach at The POINTE.

Opening late 2022

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Ariston | Braces Now

Braces Now

An Expert Ortho Team
Many people seek orthodontic treatment to enjoy a beautiful and glowing smile. Orthodontic treatment also supports overall oral health. Our mission is to ensure you receive the premier care needed to do so. Receiving a beautiful and healthy smile comes with a boost of confidence. Whether our patients choose Invisalign, traditional braces, whitening or laser gum contouring, they are comfortable going through the orthodontic process knowing a stunning smile is on the way.

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Ariston | Local Tap

Local Tap

Eat Local. Drink Local. Enjoy Local.
A local, craft heavy tap house combines with the area’s hottest food trucks on a daily rotating schedule to craft Buford’s newest restaurant concept known as Local Tap. A drink menu boasts a strong Bourbon collection with our skilled mixologist designing handcrafted cocktails to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. So, mosey over to our industrial, yet welcoming, environment where our vibe matches our bold beverages and ever-rotating food lineup.

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Revolving Sushi Factory

Conveyor Belt Sushi

This Kaiten Zuhi Style or Conveyor Rotation Sushi Restaurant brings fresh sushi on colorful plates direct to customers on a rotating conveyor belt throughout the restaurant. It’s hands-off for our concept with all food delivered to the table without servers. The belt passes every table, seat and counter offering an assortment of flavors. Special orders are also possible and delivered on individual miniature locomotive trains.

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Tequila Mama

Tequila Mama Taqueria

A Unique Multi-Cultural Menu Experience
Here, every batch is made small from scratch using the freshest ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Mama’s world travels are shared in one fun-funky dining destination. Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican, Asian, Latin American, American or something in between, Mama has something just for you using her all-time favorite taco to share these flavors. Tequila Mama is where borderless, flavorful cuisine meets good times.

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Ariston | The Flying Biscuit

The Flying Biscuit Café

Serving Breakfast All Day for 25 Years
The Flying Biscuit Café’s breakfast began on the east side of Atlanta in 1993. We sold out of our signature biscuits within the first four hours and serve over 5,000 per week on average at each location. Nearly 30 years later, the quintessential neighborhood spirit and Southern-inspired menu of comfort food made with fresh ingredients, continues. Our menu includes Southern comfort classics such as chicken and waffles and bacon and eggs, vegan and vegetarian options and cocktails. We also offer catering services.

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Ariston | VeGreen Vegetarian Fusion

VeGreen Vegetarian Fusion

Hello Vegan
Busy lifestyles have forced many people to abandon healthy eating habits. VeGreen plays an important role in re-balancing both your physical and mental health. Our trained chefs gather ideas from global dishes and veganize the recipes so you can enjoy healthy meals that fortify you for what’s to come each day. Fill your soul with vegan love. Its positive energy will boost your body and brighten your day.

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